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“With Erin Marie, I never have to worry, even for a second; I know that she will quickly evaluate my style of dance, my dress, my "natural" hair and facial features, and magically transform me into a perfectly polished ballroom beauty. She's organized and professional, making sure to schedule you in plenty of time to be ready for your dancing. It takes all the pressure off achieving my best look so I can just focus on my dancing! “

--Kristen Apple, Chicago, IL, Desterhaft Dance Chicago

“Erin styled my hair, as a professional instructor, at The Windy City Open in Chicago.  I was so appreciative with the time and care she put into how it looked as well as how it stayed up.  I was able to dance with my student for two days without anything falling out of place.  Many people came up to me asking to see my hair and who did it.  Thank you Erin, I would recommend you to anyone.”

--Melissa Bucci, New Berlin, WI, Casa Di Danza